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Hire the world's most wanted professional voice actors for TV/Radio commercials, corporate videos, e-learning, explainer videos and more. Find native voice actors in any language.

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Booking Voices Direct

1. Listen and invite the artist you like
2. Describe your project
3. Receive quotes and pick your voice actor
4. Receive the voice recording.
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Voice Booking

Voicfy is a booking platform for professional voice actors.
We connect brands with professional voice actors, voice agencies, recordings studios and professional production partners.
Get in touch with the voice artist with or without middleman.
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Listen to voices and invite them to your casting.

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Invited artists will provide you with an individual quote based on your project description.
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Select the artist you choose to award for your project and receive the recording within your given timeframe.

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What you will find at voicfy
Free of commission
To give you the best service we want you to book all the voices from all around the world. And you can decide if you want to book artist that is managed by an agency or not.
No-Risk Payment
With Voicfy's SafePay™ Escrow Service you decide when you release your funds. After your approval of the final recording the payment will be released.
Fast Casting
Cast Voices within seconds and receive custom quotes. Most of our voice actors can delivers within 24 hours.
100+ Languages
6K+ Native Voices
We provide native voices from all around the world. For each use case. From kids to seniors. You have the choice.
Studio Service
If need a production partner for your project? Voicfy | Premium Partner Studios will mix and master your final mix for you if needed.
A.I. Powered Search
Voicfy gets smarter from day to day. Our casting algorithm gets constantly trained to deliver the best voice for your casting.
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Your Partner for Voices

Hire your voice actor for your next production.

Our voice booking platform brings professional voices to your next production! Whether it is a commercial, a Commercial, or an explainer video, we have you covered. We have a wide network of professional voice artists from the Europe, USA, Asia, and the rest of the globe.

100+ Languages around the globe for your next project.

10k+ Professional voices available.

2K+ Companies use Voicfy for booking voices.

98% Customer satisfaction with 24 hours delivery.

Free Auditions for Your Project.

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Questions & Answers

The common questions to booking a voice actor

Find your voice

Start right away. Listen to voices from all around the world.
Voice Casting

Book a Native Voice Actor on voicfy is might easier as you think.

We provide a bright range of voices talent from all around the world.

On Voicfy we provide native voices with private homestudios and voice actors that are managed by voice agents or voice over agenices.

So you have the choice to find the voice that fits the best for your project.

  1. Enter the language and gender you are looking for.
  2. Listen to the artists voice samples and invite several artists to your project.
  3. Describe your project.
  4. Receive custom quotes for your project.
  5. Hire the artist of you choice.
Voice Casting

The rate of a voice over actor is mainly influenced by the length and use of the product.

Also voice actors that have a good reputation can coast more the the others.

But at Voicfy you can easly find the artist that fits to your budget.

Each artist on voicfy is free to choose his rate.

If you create your casting you can set a budget and the artist then can decide if can do the work for your budget.

But they also have the option to set there own rate.

Although each of our voice over artists is a professional, each voice over artist has areas where they are better suited.

When you create a casting, you can choose the production type of your project and our algorithm will provide the artist that meets your needs.

All our voices are professional voice over actors.

But that does not say anything about their producer skills.

Therefore we provide our post-production service for your.

You can find details about there skills on there profile section.

At the end of the casting you can add this service to you order.

For further questions, please get back to our support.

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