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As the former founder of a Berlin-based voiceover agency and recording studios, we have first-class expertise with more than 20 years in international voice dubbing for prestigious clients.

As times change, we see the future in a focus on professional voice overs always having the possibility to do professional voice overs with or without the help of recording studios.

Voicfy is a platform where you can book professional voice over directly online.

At Voicfy we have voice over artists who do their own recordings, but also voice over artists who do not have the necessary recording capacity and post production skills, but are in close cooperation with recording studios who do these recordings for you.

This way we are able to provide our clients with the most qualitative and quantitative selection of professional voice overs that you will hardly find on any other platform.

We know that finding a voice over for your project can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why at Voicfy, we strive to create a platform that allows voice over artists and clients to connect with each other quickly and easily.

Our goal is to be a company that gives everyone the opportunity to book professional voice over directly.