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German Voice Over Artists

German Voice Over Artists

Need a professional German voice over actor for hire? Find the unique German voice over voice talent here. You have come to the right place to hire professional German voice over actors. We have a wide selection of professional German voice over. And we are confident that we have the perfect voice for your tv/radio commercials, voice over for corporate video, voice overs for explainer video, or any other kind of production. Hire professional German voice over talents.

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The history about the German language

The German Language

About the German language

What you need to know about German voice overs. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Belgium all have German as an official language.

That equates to around 100 million native speakers and another 30 million who speak it as a second language. With four cases (nominative, accusative, genitive, dative), three genders (masculine, feminine, neuter), two numbers (single, plural), and strong and weak verbs, German is an inflected language.

Many terms are derived from Latin and Greek, with a few acquired from French and Modern English.

The Evolution of the German language

It should come as no surprise that German is a member of the German language family. It was not, however, until the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire that it became an autonomous language.

The Thuringian-Upper Saxon, Upper Franconian, and Bavarian dialects are all included into Standard German. This indicates that German is most comparable to other languages founded on High German dialects, such as Luxembourgian and Yiddish. German shares many similarities with English, Dutch, and Scandinavian languages.

Afrikaans and Frisian languages are also linked. An intriguing grammatical trait of this group is compound nouns, which are formed by combining multiple nouns to form a new one.

Words per Minute for German Voice Over

German writings can grow by up to 35% when translated from English. Reading speeds are slower in German because words are longer. Approximately 20% slower. German and English have comparable syllable rates (which means that speakers of both languages can pronounce a similar number within a given time).

However, owing to the variances in text length, we recommend aiming for 120 words per minute. Please consider the information density and target audience for your video as well. Talking to children? Reduce the speed. Trying to communicate difficult information to a professional audience? Allow them time to absorb it.

Accents and German Voice Over Styles

Although there are minor spelling variations in Switzerland, written German is uniform.

We help you find the right talent.

We help you find the right talent.

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