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how to book a voice actor

how to book a voice actor

how to book a voice actor

book a voice over actor

You’re looking for a voice over artist?
But where and how do you book it?

This is what we want to explain to you briefly in this article.

The quickest way would be to contact a voice-over agency or recording studio.
This is definitely the safest way to find the right voice actor.
And to make sure that you get what you want.

But this often has its price.

If you are often in the situation to book voice over and want to take care of this yourself, a voice actor platform is the best choice.

There are now numerous booking platforms for professional voice actors.
But there are some differences.
Generally speaking, these can be divided into three categories:

  1. booking portal for voice actors
  2. voice-over directory
  3. job posting portal for voice actors

Professional voice talent booking portal

A booking platform for voice actors is the most advanced way to book voice talents.
You can search for voice talents on these platforms according to your specifications.
Invite them to your project and receive an individual offer shortly.
You can also easily share your casting with your client.

By the way: Since the processes are highly optimized, this service is also used by recording studios and voice-over agencies.

Fast casting

Free casting

Casting sharing

voice actor ratings

Professional voices

Personal support by voice agents

No payment risks (payment is only released after acceptance)

payment in advance (depending on portal)

2. Voice-Over directory

Probably the simplest form of voice search is the voice-over directory.
There you will usually find a search function with which you can search for voice actors.
There you can set the language, the language age and other values if necessary.

You can contact voice actors you like directly.
One of the most extensive voice talents directories is the platform

Mainly direct contact with voice actors.

No casting function.

It’s very time intense when you have to collect a selection of different voice actors for a customer.

3. simple job posting platforms

On these portals you can simply post a job. Mostly in the language you are looking for.
After that all voice-overs will be notified and give you a price.

But this system has a big disadvantage.
Every time you post a job, all voice-overs are notified.
This can be several hundred voice actors depending on the language.
This means that many hundreds of voice actors submit free bids each time.
This leads to the fact that in the end many people lose the desire to place bids.
You will often only receive offers from voice actors who urgently need a job.

Fast casting

Free casting

You can only see which voice actors come into question after your post.

High effort for you and the voice-over – Since all voices are notified, only the fewest answers are left.


In summary, there is something for everyone.
Probably the best choice would be to hire a voice-over agency or a booking portal for voice actors.
There you simply get the best service. And get exactly what you need without any unpleasant surprises.

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